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About MSS Polypack Manufacturers in Chennai India

About M.S.S.Polypack

Our credibility and the ingenuous have been gained through the work, knowledge and communication with all our customers particularly in the manufacturing of the paper bags or rolls that involves the advanced techniques in the manufacturing. The best quality raw materials and the use of modernized equipments in the designing and manufacturing compliments the reliability and the quality of our products with reasonable costing especially in the LDPE stretch films and the Shring films.

We have a great archery of collections of all products particularly of the HDPE/PP woven bags that are intricately and elegantly designed with stylish shapes and varying sizes offering an array of collections to the most adorable clients of our times. Our expert team of employees who have gained professional expertise in the field of the packaging materials add a feather to the cap. We have good number of companies and field of interest to whom we supply, including the agricultural sector companies, the food industries, the confectionery manufacturing sectors and the like.

Company Profile

We are a company of great manufacturing units and modernized equipments installed. Since the establishment in the year 2000, the company has made a good rate of turn over the decade. The list of customers and the various industries we cater are always on the increasing pace. The standard of our products always are kept in pace with the international standards and the quality assurance is also made with the HACCP regulations. As our motive and the prime focus being the quality products manufacturing, the products that we produce go through a series of quality analysis tests at each and every stage in order to maintain the quality right from the first step of materials purchase.

The entreatingly skilled and knowledgeable professionals are employed in the company who administer the entire manufacturing units that includes the modernized machines such as the lamination machines, the cutting machines, the packaging machines and the bag making machines
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