BOPP Snacks Packing Pouches
With the help of M.S.S Polypack’s Snack Packaging Pouches your products can be packed and stored with ease and more cost effectively. Our BOPP Snack Packaging Pouches are able to support the various textures and requirements of the different snack food products. Our pouches are best suited for Cracker, Chips, Dried fruits, Nuts and Organic Baby Snacks packaging.

Our BOPP Snacks Packaging Pouches are in high tensile strength, high gloss and clarity, good puncture and flex-crack resistance over a wide range of temperatures. Also good barrier to water vapour and are resistant to oils and greases. Our BOPP Snacks Packaging Pouches are wrinkle free and shrink free with environmental changes and are not affected by moisture. Hence, your snack food products are protected from harmful bacteria and excess moist.
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