Foam Packing EPE
The foam packing EPE is the recent method of packing. The EPE is the new-fangled type that is eco-friendly and safe using the foaming material for the strong cushioning and shock proofing capabilities. It has the great adaptability and good elasticity. It is used instead of the traditional rubber foams for the rubber foams are easily breakable, distorting and has the bad rebounding features.

These EPE foams are by all means better that the rubber foams even at the cost level. They have the good capacity like that of the heat prevention, acts as a proof against the moisture, sound and heat insulation, anti-aging, anti-friction, durability and prevention from the product rot, etc. it is also available with the anti-static properties. It is the closed cell extruded non-cross linked polyethylene foam that is manufactured from the low density base material of polythene with the blowing agent such as the LPG that is both economical and eco-friendly.
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